Monday, 27 February 2017

Untold Tale Of Khussa Slippers

Every country has its own specialty and Pakistan is renowned for hand crafted Khussa Shoes which have evolved over years to suit the climate of that region. They became popular during Mughal Era when footwear was considered a symbol of pride, status and style. In the ancient times Emperors were gifted the most expensive khussas and craftsmen use to sell their khussas to rich families to get higher prices for their creation. These khussas are made with different types of leather and raw material including Tilla (Golden Thread Work), metallic bell rings, vibrant beads, embroideries, Dabka etc. With the passage of time khussas were crafted in South Asian region and they were traded to other countries due to its popularity and vivacious styles.

Traditional craftsmanship is the most tangible manifestation of intangible cultural heritage. Even local and international brands are crafting khussas giving a contemporary touch to it. Khussas are liked for their colors, patterns, embroidery and durability. Most of the foreigners buy khussa slippers because it stands out for its unrivalled blend of heritage craftsmanship with vivid, modern glamour. Let me foreground some hidden facts about khussas: (1). It can be worn on both feet as it equally fits both feet because they are crafted to the adaptability of the wearer’s choice, shape and size, (2). There are no gender restrictions as it can be worn by men and women both but the distinguishing feature is the depiction on the basis of design, color and embellishments.

Brand like Unze London is dealing with variety of Khussas and they are selling their products on international sites like Amazon, EBay etc. also they have it available on their online website. In ancient times it was worn by multitude and royalty but now it is recognized as a global product that is used by number of people. It encapsulates cultural diversity, local ethos and ethnicity.

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